IMG_1208-682x1024I am a sculptor because I love the beauty of metals, stone, glass and wood. I like to use my hands, and I love the way these wonderful materials can be brought together into something harmonious and meaningful. I am a collector of processes: welding, wire work, bronze casting, clay and wax sculpting, stone and wood carving, glass kiln fusion and sand carving, mosaic…These processes are used to transform, enhance and bring life to steel, stone, wood and glass.

My focus is on the surfaces, lines and balance of biological forms. Whether the subject is a single human hand, a dancing figure or a starfish the narrative is told by gesture, form, surface, color and balance. I work on several pieces, in several genres at the same time. Work develops on individual pieces over a period of months to years as I move between projects. Themes move between the projects, for example carving a form that is then cast in bronze and glass and rendered in wire.

My current work emphasizes the interplay between the tensile strength of steel and soft texture of bronze, joined together in pieces that emphasize projected weight and balance.